The Family of Joel Martin & Susannah Wright

                                                         Part I

Joel Martin Wright was born about 1782 most probably in Virginia.  Sometime before 1804 Joel Wright met and married a woman named Susannah. We know this because we located Joel and Susannah on an 1804 tax list of Russell County, Virginia with the land area where they lived being near Lebanon, proving Joel and Susannah had established their household by that year.  It is unfortunate but marriage and birth records for this period of Russell County history, which might have given Susannah’s maiden name, are not available. A search of marriage and other vital records in surrounding counties and states has not proved helpful.  

We know Joel Wright lived in Russell County from 1809 until the birth of his son Samuel in the summer of 1822, when he moved his family to Perry County, Kentucky. Joel settled at the mouth of Chopping Branch in McRoberts, land later to become a section of Letcher County. There are no known records that place either Joel Martin Wright or his wife Susannah as living anywhere but Russell County, Virginia, Perry and Letcher County, Kentucky.  And though many online charts list parents for Joel, no records have surfaced to document his parents or siblings.

We see charts naming Solomon H. Wright as Joel's father, which would be wonderful if there were facts to support it. Sadly, there is nothing to document this Solomon Wright as his father but much evidence to contradict the theory.  Solomon H. lived in North Carolina and Joel has never shown residence there.  Solomon H. Wright is listed on the 1800, 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850 and 1860 census records of North Carolina. He never once held residence in Russell County. One of Solomon's sons Jonathan Wesley married Mary Bailey and came to Southwest Virginia between 1836-1839 but by this date Joel had been gone from Russell County 14 to 17 years; long before these Wright's came there.

Obviously, the more logical choice for a father would be someone living near Joel when he emerged as the head of his own household in tax records.


In 1785 John & James Wright signed a petition of Washington County, Virginia Residents for the formation of Russell County.  In  1787, 1788, 1789,1790, 1791, there are no Wrights in records. 

In 1792  Francis Wright was the only Wright living in Russell County, Virginia.                         In 1798  William Wright with 2 Tithable

In 1793  Francis & Thomas Wright                                                                                           In 1789,1799,1801, 1800 - - No Wrights in Records

In  1794 Taliaferro Wright                                                                                                         In 1802  Tolliver Wright & Enoch Wright

In 1795  Taliaferro Wright with 2 tithable                                                                                   In 1803  Tolliver Wright & Enoch Wright

In 1796  Taliaferro Wright                                                                                                         In 1809  William Wright  & Joel Wright

In 1797  Peggy Wright and William Wright                                                                                In 1810  William Wright  & Joel Wright


As you see, William and Joel are the only Wright's listed in the 1809 & 1810 Russell tax list. William and Joel were the only Wrights living in Russell County in a more than a ten year period from 1797 to 1810. William was a resident of the Abington area of Russell County where Joel lived during that period time when Joel emerged as a resident there. Tax records indicate that this William had a male in Joel's age bracket; this male is dropped from William's household when Joel appears for the first time as the head of his household. This does give credence to the possibility of William as his father.

Joel Wright died in 1834, Perry County, Kentucky and did not leave a will. We do not have the option of looking to census records for a place of birth since that statistic was not listed until the 1850 census.  In the 1850 census of Letcher County, Kentucky, Susannah, then widow of Joel Martin Wright, gave information that she was 65 years of age and born in the state of Virginia. Susannah died in April of 1860. Joel and Susannah area buried in the McRoberts Cemetery, McRoberts, Letcher County, Kentucky. 

1.         Margaret Wright, born between 1803 and 1808, in Lebanon, Russell County, Virginia.  The date of her birth varies in records.  She died, McRoberts, Perry County, Kentucky.   Margaret never married but was the mother of one child:


               A.         Sidney Wright, born about 1835, Perry County, Kentucky, died 1908,   Letcher County, Kentucky.  She never married but was the mother of

                            one  child:                                   

                                    1.         William S. Wright,  09  July  1855,  Boone  Fork,  Letcher  County, Kentucky,   30 January 1900,  Letcher County, Kentucky,  married   12 Apr 1872,  Rosedale, Letcher County, Kentucky, Letitia\Lettie "Aunt Moody" Bates, b.15 November 1851, Millstone, Letcher County, Kentucky, died 12 May 1934,  daughter  of  James  Bates  (1823) and  Elizabeth 'Bessie' Adams (1824).                                   


                                                  William S. Wright                        Lettie Bates 


2.         James Wright,  was  born  about  1811,  Lebanon,  Russell  County,  Virginia  and died  14 September 1876 in Floyd County, Kentucky.  He married first, 11 September 1832 in

            Perry County, Kentucky to  Mary Polly Ingle.  Mary  Ingle was  born  about  1811 in  Virginia,  the daughter of  Henry George Ingle (1765)  and Sarah Henson(1773).  James and

            Mary Ingle Wright were the parents of five known children: 


            A.         Hulda M. Wright, born May 1833,  Perry County, Kentucky  and died after 1900 in Floyd County, Kentucky.  She married  Reuben  "Little Rube"  Potter,  born  about

                        1829  in  Clay  County,  Kentucky,   the  son  of  Benjamin  Potter  and  Susannah  Hollingsworth. 


                                         Hulda Wright                            Reuben "Little Rube" Potter

            B.         Joel Wright, born November 1836, Perry County, Kentucky, died Between 1900–910, Pyramid,  Floyd County,  Kentucky.  He married  first  11 April 1875, 

                        Floyd County, Kentucky, Sidney Adams, born about  1833  in  Virginia, the  daughter of William  Adams  and  Christina  Crase. 


                        They had children:

                        1.         Samuel Wright, born 1857, died August 11, 1876.

                        2.         James Wright, born 1863, married  Adeline Wadkins, 1857, d/o  Sylvester & Hester Tussey Wadkins.

                        3.         William Sherman Wright, born 14 May 1865, married Cynthia Wadkins, d/o Sylvester & Hester Tussey Wadkins.    


                        Joel Wright, married second Louanna 'Annie' Pitts, born 06  May 1855,  Pitts  Fork, Floyd County, Kentucky, died  04 March 1931, Pyramid,  Floyd County,

                        Kentucky, daughter of Thomas Pitts (1813) and Rachel Sturgill Hall (1815). They had children:

                        1.         Joseph 'Joe' Wright, born 03 October 1875, Floyd County, Kentucky, married 1. Francis Collins; married 2. Melvenia Meade.

                        2.         Hattie Elizabeth Wright, born October 17, 1876, Floyd County, Kentucky, married Henry Lawson Spears.                                   

                        3.         Mary Belle Wright, born 09 Sep 1880, Floyd County, Kentucky, married George Kilburn.                                   

                        4.         Angeline Wright, born May 1883, Floyd County, Kentucky, died 06 December 1900, Floyd County, Kentucky.                                   

                        5.         John Wright, born 16 May 1885, Floyd County, Kentucky, died 10 March 1946, Getaway, Ohio, married Parrott Trusty.

                        6.         Mousie Rachel Virginia Wright, born June 1887, Floyd County, Kentucky, died May 1958, married Isaac Kilburn.  


            C.         Dacy Wright, born November 1839, Perry County, Kentucky, died After 1900, most likely in Floyd County, Kentucky.  She  married  George  Washington  Dixon,

                        born 1826,  in Mathews, Virginia, the son of  Washington  Dixon.  He after  1880,  Floyd County, Kentucky. 


            D.         Matilda Wright, born May 1841, Perry County, Kentucky, died after 1910. Married About 1861, Pike County, Kentucky Tandy Johnson, born 10 October 1839, son

                        of  William Varner Johnson (1813) and Matilda Mullins (1813).


            E.         James Harrison Wright, born January 1842, Perry County, Kentucky, 09 October 1930, Floyd  County,  Kentucky, married 28 June 1864, Floyd County, Kentucky,   

                         Seatta Baldridge, May 1843, Floyd County, Kentucky, died November 1930,Floyd County, Kentucky, daughter of Robert Baldridge (1811) and Eleanor Hicks (1815).



            James Wright  married  second to  Susannah England,  born October 1830,  died after 1900,  Middle Creek, Floyd County, Kentucky, daughter  of  Joseph England (1785) and

            Candance  "Dacy"  Osborne  (1782).   Children  of  James  Harrison  and  Susannah  England Wright were:   


            F.         Joseph Robert "Robin" Wright,  born  1844,  Letcher County, Kentucky,  died 20 June 1852, Letcher County, Kentucky.


            G.        Margaret Wright, born 1846, Letcher County, Kentucky, died after1860.               


            H.         Henry C. Wright,  1848,  Letcher  County,  Kentucky,  died  07 June 1853, Letcher  County, Kentucky.


            I.          Tolliver  Wright,  born  15  June  1854,  Letcher County, Kentucky, married 08 April1877, Floyd County, Kentucky, at the home of Alphurd Pitts,  Mary Jane Pitts, born  

                        1862, Kentucky, daughter of Alfred Pitts (1842) and Malissa Vaughn, (1847).

                        1.  Elza  Wright,  born  1875,  Letcher  County,  Kentucky.  He  died 24 September  1945,  Greenup  County,  Kentucky.  He  married  Mary  Belle  Patton, born  20 

                        January 1875, Kentucky, daughter of William "Dee" Patton & Caroline Simmons.          


            J.         Mahala Wright, born 15 January 1854, Letcher County, Kentucky.


            K.         Minerva 'Manerva' Wright, born 01 August 1856,  Floyd County, Kentucky, died 12 June 1894, Floyd County, Kentucky. She had one known child:

                        1.  Cynthia Ann Wright,  born 14 January 1881,  Floyd County, Kentucky,  died 11 March 1957, Floyd   County, Kentucky.  She married 16 Jul 1896 John Henry

                        Smith, born 19 Feb 1879, Tazewell County, Virginia, and died 02 Apr 1947, Tazewell County, Virginia.


            L.         William Wright, born 1858, Letcher County, Kentucky.


            M.        Samuel Wright,  born 19 Mar 1859,  Floyd County,  Kentucky, married 1885, Floyd County,  Kentucky,  Jemima  Frasure,  born  1867,  daughter  of  John B.

                         Jackson Frasure (1840) and Elizabeth Ratliff (1843).


            N.         George Washington Wright, born 03 May 1863, Floyd County, Kentucky, died 20September 1900,  Floyd County, Kentucky,  married  02 December 1885 , Floyd

                        County, Kentucky, Elizabeth Lizzy Beech, born 09 Jan 1867, West Virginia, died 14 December 1941, Floyd County, Kentucky. George Washington and Elizabeth Lizzy

                        Beech Wright had children:

                        1.         Anna Wright, born October 1886, Floyd County, Kentucky, died November1955,  Prestonsburg General Hospital,  Floyd  County,  Kentucky,  married

                                    Sherman  Gibson,  born November 1886, Floyd County, Kentucky, died 1954, Floyd County, Kentucky,  son of James B "Jim Bob" Gibson,  (1865)  and

                                     Elizabeth Trusty.      


                        2.         William Wright,  born  05  January  1888,  died  18  February  1971,  West Prestonsburg, Floyd County, Kentucky, married Josie Prater.

                        3.         Lora Wright, born 13 March 1889, Floyd County, Kentucky, married Melvin Allen, born 13 November 1889, died 10 April 1964.          


                        4.         Eva Wright, born 27 Mar 1890,  Floyd County,  Kentucky,  died  08  March1925,  Floyd County,  Kentucky, married Whitten Reffitt, born 1890, Floyd  

                                     County, Kentucky.


                        5.         Earl Scott Wright, born September 1892, Floyd County, Kentucky, died between 1985–1986,  Floyd County,  Kentucky, married  Elizabeth  Lizzie

                                    Skeans, born 13 May 1896, died 18 September 1972, daughter of George W. Skeans (1866) and Rhoda Hamilton (1871).


                        6.         Henry B. Wright, born April 1896, Floyd County,  Virginia,  died November 1981,  Lexington, Kentucky,  married Virginia Fannin,  born 1905,  died

                                    17   November 1981.


                        7.         Flora Wright, born 03 April 1898, Floyd County, Kentucky, died 06 March 1986, Floyd County, Kentucky, married Sparrell Russell Stratton, born

                                     27  May 1893, died 11 July 1978, Prestonsburg, Floyd County, Kentucky.


                        8.         Alta Alva Wright, born November 1899, married Irvin Bradley.


                        9.         Georgia Wright,  born  26  February  1901,  Prestonsburg, Floyd County, Kentucky, died 04 February 1973, Prestonsburg, Floyd County, Kentucky,

                                    married Albert Horn, born 13 September 1898, died 10 January 1946, Floyd County, Kentucky.


                        10.       Luther Wright, born 1907.


                        11.       James Wright, born 1895m married Letha Conley. 



            O.        Rebecca Wright, born 07 March 1867, Floyd County, Kentucky, died 30 May 1915,Floyd  County,  Kentucky,  married  09  February  1897,  Floyd  County,  Kentucky,

                         James B. Robert "Jim Bob"  Gibson,  born 27 May 1865,  Kentucky, died 12 March 1933, Kentucky.  He was also married to Elizabeth Trusty & had 6 children. 


                         James B "Jim Bob" and Rebecca Wright Gibson


                        Children of James B "Jim Bob" and Rebecca Wright Gibson were:

                        1.         Fanny Gibson,  born  28 Oct 1897,  Floyd County,  Kentucky,  died  March 1982,  married  Jasper   Franklin  Bryant,  born  19  January 1887, died

                                    28  April 1928.


                        2.         Maxie Gibson, born 01 August 1900, Floyd County, Kentucky, died 27 September 1990, married Hillard Tackett, born 13 July 1904, died 1970.


                        3.         Roxie Gibson, born 1902, Floyd County, Kentucky,  died 12 Jan 1985; Married Andrew Barnett.


                        4.         Richard 'Dick' Gibson, born 29 January 1904, Floyd County, Kentucky,  died 14 June 1996, married Aggie Poe, born 10 August 1907, d/o Andrew

                                    and Mary E. (Bays) Poe, died 01 September 1988.


                        5.         James Gibson, born 15 April 1906, married Else Poe, born 05 Dec 1909,  d/o Andrew & Mary Elizabeth Poe. He died 12 January 1984.   


                        6.         Darwin Gibson,  born 28 December 1909, Floyd County, Kentucky, died  04 June 1972,  married  Jane  Poe,  born  11  May  1912,  Floyd County,  

                                    Kentucky, d/o Andrew and Mary E. (Bays) Poe, died 16 May 2001.


                        7.         Rhoda Gibson, born 1914.        


                        8.         Twins Gibson, born before 1914, died 1914.          



3.         John Wright, born 1813, Lebanon, Russell County, Virginia, died after 1880 Letcher County, Kentucky, married 18 November 1844, Letcher County, Kentucky, Mary Ann

            Bentley, born September 1818, Floyd County, Kentucky, died about 1907. Mary married first 02 March 1837,  Pike County, Kentucky, to John Elliott, born 1813, Divorced 01

            March 1847, her marriage to John Wright legalized. Children of John and Mary Ann Bentley Wright, were:


            A.         Female Wright, born Between 1830–1835, nothing more.


            B.         Andrew Jefferson Wright, born 15 Aug 1837, Letcher County, Kentucky, died 19  September 1903, Howard's Creek, Elliott County, Kentucky, married  November

                        12,  1865,   Adaline Brickey,  born  18  June  1832,  Botetourt  County,  Virginia, daughter of Jared Brickey (1799) and Nancy Parish. 


            C.         Benjamin Wright, born 1838. married 1859 Serilda Austin, born 24 September 1837, North Carolina, died November 17, 1896, Wise County, Virginia, daughter of

                        Jesse Austin (1797) and Margaret Lucy Douglas (1818). He died 17 November  1863.


            D.         Hiram Wright, born 01 October 1843, Letcher County, Kentucky, died 05 October 1917, Dorton, Pike County, Kentucky, married  03 March 1866,  Serena  Bowling,   

                        born 23 April 1845, Pound, Wise County, Virginia, died, 03 July 1907, daughter of  James Bolling (1821) and Polly Hammond, (1825).


                    Hiram & Serena Bowling Wright


            E.         John Vint Wright,  born  1845,  Letcher  County,  Kentucky,  married  1866, Scott County, Virginia, Dorinda Baldwin, born 1846 and  died  in  1917  in  Lee  County,                         Virginia, the daughter of David and Jane Baldwin.  John died 1903, in Lee County, Virginia.                   


            F.         Eliza  Louisa  Wright,  born  September  1850,  married  26  September  1881,  in  Letcher  County, Kentucky Richard Johnson, born  26  December  1861,

                        Letcher County, Kentucky, died 31 December 1937, Wurtland, Greenup County, Kentucky.  She died after 1910.


            G.        Elizabeth 'Blackhawk' Wright, born 15 July 1856, Letcher County,  Kentucky, died 27 August 1931,  Pike County, Kentucky,  married  April 11, 1875  William  Wright,

                        born 16 September 1852, Beefhide, Letcher County, Kentucky, died 07 April 1918,  Myra,  Pike  County,  Kentucky,  son  of  Samuel W. Wright,  (1822) and 

                        Elizabeth Betsy  Adams  (1822).    William  Wright  was   buried  in  Jonancy,   Pike  County, Kentucky.


            H.         Lucinda Wright, born 06 February 1854, McRoberts, Letcher County, Kentucky, 15

                        September 1948, McRoberts, Letcher County, Kentucky, married William Pleasant  'Pleas' Johnson, born 02  February  1862,  Pike  County,  Kentucky,  died  14  July

                        1924, McRoberts, Letcher County, Kentucky, son of Tandy Johnson (1839) and  Matilda Wright (1841).


            I.          Joel "Bloatie Joel" Wright, born 09 September 1855, married first March 28,1879,  Louisa Ellen Hall, born  September 1855.  He married second  30 July 1905

                        Susan Johnson born July 1873 d 19 March 1952 Dorton, Pike  County,  Kentucky, daughter of Jeptha Johnson &  Nancy Burke.  Married third to Charity Wright Mullins,

                        born October 1846 and died after 1920. She had married first to Booker Mullins.



4.         Hiram Wright, born About 1816, Lebanon, Russell County, Virginia, died After 1880,  Menifee County, Kentucky.  According to court records, Hiram married to an unknown   

            female 22 Dec 1833, Perry County, Kentucky.  Hiram married second 14 June 1835,  Perry County, Kentucky,  Susannah Roark, born about 1818, Kentucky. Died January

            1862, Bath County, Kentucky.  Hiram and Susannah had children:             


            A.         Polly Wright, born about 1836, Perry County, Kentucky, died 1850.


            B.         Celia Wright, born about 1838, Perry County, Kentucky.


            C.         Jane Wright, born about 1840, Perry County, Kentucky. Married Thomas Ingram, 31 August 1870, Menifee County, Kentucky.


            D.         Phoebe A. Wright, born 03 March 1846, Letcher County, Kentucky, Died 03 January 1913, Berea, Madison County, Kentucky. Married 12 July 1861, Campton, 

                        Wolfe County, Kentucky, Joseph Joel Damrell, born 08 November 1843, Breathitt  County, Kentucky, Died 20 December 1927, Paint Lick, Garrard County,

                        Kentucky, son of Samuel Damrell (1812) and Sarah Sally Stamper (1821).


            E.         Susan Wright, born about 1848, Letcher County, Kentucky.


            F.         Emily Wright, born about 1849, Letcher County, Kentucky.


            G.        Georgeann  Wright, born 07 October 1856, Owsley County, Kentucky, died December 2, 1947, Bath County, Kentucky, married 17 November 1874, Bath

                        County, Kentucky, George A. Swarts, born  08 March 1852, died 24 October 1938, Olympia, Bath County, Kentucky.


            H.         Charlotte Wright, born 28 Feb 1854, Owsley County, Kentucky, died April 2, 1926  in Lee County, Kentucky, married 18 February 1874, married John S Kelly.


            I.          Hiram W. Wright, born 10 August 1859,  died 22 February 1921, Menifee County, Kentucky. He married March 13, 187 to Sarah Rowe. 


            J.         Clarinda Wright, born about 1862, Kentucky, married James W Hodge, 1891.                  



 Hiram Wright, born About 1816, married third June 1, 1866 Bath County, Kentucky to Comfort Lawson.  Comfort was born 1824 in Kentucky and died after 1880.



5.         Joel Ellis Wright,  born  07 July  1817,  Lebanon,  Russell  County,  Virginia,  24   September 1879, Dunham, Letcher County, Kentucky. He married about 1840,  Perry    

            County, Kentucky, Eliza Agnes Bates, born 17 March 1819, died 01 February 1892, Letcher County, Kentucky. Children of Joel Ellis Eliza Agnes Bates Wright  were:           



           Joel Ellis Wright with wife Eliza Agnes Bates Wright


             A.         Solomon Wright, born about 1841, Letcher County, Kentucky, died after August 1863, Virginia.  There is a possibility that Solomon married Mahala Webb and had                         a  daughter named:

                        1. Sarah Wright, born 08 Aug 1861, Letcher County, Kentucky, married Thomas Davis 08 July 1882. 

                             Mahala Webb Wright  married next  James T. Hayes, 06 May 1869 in Letcher  County, Kentucky. Mahala Webb was a daughter of Jason L. Webb &          

                             Elizabeth Craft.


                        Soloman Wright


            B.         John B Wesley 'Devil John' Wright, born 17 May 1844, Kentucky River, Letcher County, Kentucky, died 30 January 1931, Horse Gap, Pound, Wise

                        County, Virginia, married first 14 October 1866,  Cynthiana, Harrison County, Kentucky to Martha 'Mattie' Humphrey, daughter of Jameson Humphrey (1810) and

                        Elizabeth Henry (1809). Children of  John B Wesley 'Devil John' Wright and Martha  'Mattie' Humphrey were:


                        1.         James Henderson Wright, born 23 May 1865 and died August 3, 1928.  He married first Laura Belle Whitaker, born August 1872, Letcher County,     

                                    Kentucky, daughter of Isaac Whitaker (1848) and Mary L Bentley (1853).  He married second Cora Fleming, born 23 June 1877, Letcher County,

                             Kentucky, died 02 July  1941, daughter of John N. Fleming (1850) and  Louisa Kelly (1852).


                        2.         Joel Wright, born About 1870.


                        3.         John Phillip "Little John" Johnny Wright, born 12 August 1873 or August 12, 1876, Jenkins, Letcher County, Kentucky, died 12 September 1898, Cane Branch,

                                    Jenkins, Letcher County, Kentucky, married first to Mary Chaney Reynolds,  25 December 1890, Letcher County, Kentucky, to Mary Chaney Reynolds, he                                      married second 27 November 1897,  Letcher  County, Kentucky,  Alice M. Johnson, born 15 December 1877, Pike County, Kentucky, died 13 November  1961,

                                     Pound, Wise County,  Virginia, daughter of Tandy Johnson (1839) and Matilda Wright (1841).  Mary Chaney Reynolds Wright m/2 Tilden P. McFalls, 15 October

                                    1899 Letcher County, Kentucky.


                        John B Wesley 'Devil John' Wright  married second, 08 September 1924 Water Gap,  Floyd County, Kentucky Ellen Saunders, born 28 Mar 1863, Pike

                        County, Kentucky, died 10 March 1948, Pound, Wise County, Virginia. daughter of Levi  and Matilda Austin Sanders. John B. Wesley 'Devil John' and Ellen Saunders

                        Wright  and had children:              


                        4.         Daniel Sanders Wright, born 23 May 1885, Letcher County,  Kentucky, died 23 May 1964, Letcher County, Kentucky, married May 20, 1904, Melvenia 'Vina'

                                    Mullins, born 17 July 1886, died 24 February 1965, Whitesburg Hospital, Whitesburg, Whitesburg, Letcher County, Kentucky, daughter of Booker Mullins (1848)

                                    and Charity Charlotte Chat Wright (1846).


                        5.         Heatha Jane "Healthy" Wright, born 02 May 1887, Letcher  County, Kentucky, died 1939, married 14 Mar 1905, Benjamin F. Mullins, born 1833, Beefhide, Letcher

                                    County,  Kentucky, died 1944, Letcher County, Kentucky, son of Booker Mullins (1848) and Charity Charlotte Chat Wright (1846).


                        6.         Joel E Wright, born 29 June 1883, Pike County, Kentucky, died16 March 1968, Jenkins, Letcher County, Kentucky, married 03 January 1907, Mary C.

                                    Reynolds, born 15 July 1882, died 19 November 1961, Pound, Wise County, Virginia, daughter of Joseph Coleman Reynolds (1847) and Mary Manerva Morgan



                        7.         Ira Ellis Wright, born 12 June 1889, Letcher County, Kentucky, died, 07 Feb 1955, Veteran's Hospital, Huntington, West Virginia, married October 30, 1917, Martha

                                    Washington Vermillion, born 18  July 1893, Gate City, Scott County, Virginia, died 08 November 1980, Johnson City, Tennessee.           


                        John B Wesley 'Devil John'  'Bad John' Wright  also fathered  children  by Serilda  Austin, born September  24,  1837, North Carolina, 17 February 1896, Wise County,

                        Virginia, daughter of Jesse Austin (1797) and Margaret Lucy Douglas (1818).  


                        8.  Enoch Franklin Wright, born February 1869, married February 22, 1869 to Louisa Warrick, born  1897,  daughter  of  William and Elizabeth Warrick.


                        9.   James Martin Wright,  born May 26, 1872 in Virginia, married May 29, 1902 Letcher County, Kentucky to Alice M. Johnson, born December 15,

                              1877,  daughter of Tandy (1839) and Matilda (1841) Wright Johnson. Alice had married N. R. Craft, 29 May 1896. She also married November  27, 1897  John

                              Phillip Wright, born  August 19, 1873, son of John Wesley and Mattie Humphrey Wright. She married G. P. Pat Gibson, 05 December 1899.                      


                        John B Wesley 'Devil John' Wright  also fathered children by Alice Lee Harman, born 04 March 1876, Virginia, died 08 July 1926, daughter of  Robert Graham Harman

                        (1842) and Mary Isabelle Waddell (1859).                                          


                        10.   Frank Wampler Wright, born August 1, 1894. He married  Bertha Adams.


                        11.    Bertha Wright,  born 26 January 1896,  died 31 January 1974; married 03 July 1914 to Willie Church.


                        12.    William Troy 'Chid' Wright, born August 5, 1897, died April  19, 1985. He married January 26, 1926. Vera Belle Maynard.


                        13.    Conrad Wright, born September, 1899.


                        14.    Elizabeth Wright, born  October, 8, 1902, died 1909.


                        15.    Clarence Willard Wright, born September 24, 1903, died October 10, 1979, Wise County, Virginia.; married Alta Mullins


                        16.     Chester A. Wright, born October 1905.


                        17.     Carlous Ray Wright, born  May 26, 1907, died   May 31, 1993.     


                        18.     Maudie Belle Wright, born August 27, 1909, Kentucky; 1987,Christiansburg, Virginia.


                        19.      Charles Roe Wright, born February  7,1912; married September 21, 1934 Belva Lockwood Gibson.


                        20.     Kedrick Clyde Wright, born August 7, 1915, Kentucky; married Elida T. Robinette. 



                        John B Wesley 'Devil John' Wright  also fathered children by  Mary Fleming Bentley, born 25 Apr 1856, Kentucky, died 1900, Shelby Gap, Pike

                        County, Kentucky, daughter of Robert Jefferson "Big Jeff" Fleming (1828) and Esther Bentley, (1830)


                        21.       John Wright.


                        22.       Flora Gustus "Dessie" Dussie Wright


                        23.       Rosa Ann Wright


                        24.       Louisa Eliza Jane" Wright


                        25.       Alice Wright


                        26.       Esther "Easter" Victoria Wright


                        27.       Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" Wright


                        28.       Samuel Preston Wright


                        29.       Myrtle Wright


                        John B Wesley 'Devil John' Wright  also fathered children by Margaret J  Austin, born 30 June 1844, died 30 May 1914, Virginia, daughter of Jesse   

                        Austin (1797) and Margaret Lucy Douglas (1818).


                        30.       Hiley E. Wright


                        31.       Mack Jesse Wright

             C.         Sarah/Sally Wright, born 10 Mar 1847, Letcher County, Kentucky, died November  8,1925, Kona, Letcher County, Kentucky, married 15 July 1869,  Letcher

                        County, Kentucky, Abraham Potter, born 27 August 1837, Perry County, Kentucky, died 13 May 1913, Kona, Letcher County, Kentucky, son of Isaac Potter (1801) and

                        Mary Polly Houston (1809). Abraham Potter had married first to July 15, 1859 Margaret Newsome (1835) Virginia, died 1868 daughter of Hartwell Newsome (1803) and

                        Sarah Sally Tolley (1815).                                            



                    Abraham Potter Family                                         Sarah Wright Potter



             D.        Susan Wright, born  December 1851, Letcher County, Kentucky, died 1912,  Letcher County, Kentucky, married Alexander Venters, born 1848, Virginia, died 

                         before 1923, Letcher County, Kentucky, son of George Martin Venters and Susanna Clevenger.


            E.         William Jesse "Droll" Wright, born 01 September 1853, Letcher County, Kentucky. died 17 April 1935, married first to Elizabeth Moore, April 11, 1875,

                        Letcher County, Kentucky. He married second Maggie Perdue  December 12,1882 Letcher County, Kentucky.  He married third Mary Brummit  December 17,       

                        1885. He married fourth Nickitie Vanover March 3, 1893. Nickitie Tennessee Kentucky Vanover, born 30 April, Pike County, Kentucky, died 17 December      

                        1952, Pike County, Kentucky, daughter of Daniel S. Vanover (1840) and Mazy Ann Hall (1842).


            F.         Joel Martin Wright, born 29 November 1856, North Fork Kentucky River, McRoberts, Letcher, County, Kentucky, died 05 August 1933, Haymond, Letcher  

                        County,  Kentucky, married 30 May 1877, Wise County, Virginia, Jane R. Venters, born 16 November 1857, Wise County, Virginia, died 13 November 1945,

                        Letcher County, Kentucky.     


            G.        Samuel J "Kinky Haired Sam" "Bad Sam" Wright, born 10 December 1859, Payne Gap Road, Kentucky River, Letcher County, Kentucky, died 07 August 1921,

                        Neon, Letcher County, Kentucky, married 04 September 1880, Seco, Letcher County, Kentucky, Martha Jane "Mother Wright" Reynolds,  born 20 November 1860, Seco,

                        Letcher County, Kentucky, died 26 June 1950, Neon, Letcher County, Kentucky daughter of William Henry  Reynolds and Francis Matilda Baker.



                   "Kinky Haired" Sam Wright                Sam Wright Saw Mill


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