John Franklin Pierce Salyer


I am Nancy Vance Glover and my Great-Grandmother was Ida Belle Salyer Jenkins. Her father was John Franklin Pierce Salyer who was murdered by Talt Hall in Perry County, Kentucky.  John was shot by Talt Hall and Talt Hall ran off with John Franklin Pierce Salyer's second wife Lucinda Roberts.



                                                                                                     Ida Belle Salyer Jenkins                         


Her mother passed giving birth to her. Her mother's name was Arminda Baker Salyer and her parents were James Baker and Nancy Triplett Baker. Ida Belle was raised by another family member.


                                                                                                                    Marriage License of Frank Salyer to his first wife Arminda Baker


I am a Great- Great-Granddaughter of John Franklin Pierce Salyer,  brother to Logan Salyer.  John Franklin and Logan Salyer were sons of Samuel and Lydia Culbertson Salyer.

Samuel Salyer was born in 1813  in Scott County, Virginia and died  in Thacker Branch Wise County, Virginia 10 Jan 1910 . He is buried in the White Oak Gap Cemetery, Wise Virginia.  He was the son of Samuel and Sarah Castle Salyer. Samuel married first July 14, 1834 in Scott County, Virginia to Lydia Culbertson Salyer, d/o Tyree & Martha Vicars Culbertson.  He married second to Causby Thacker.

His wife Lydia was born .4 JUN 1812 at Fort Blackmore, Virginia. She died 8 DEC 1887 at Norton, Virginia.

They were the parents of ten children. Here are the one's we know:

     1.         Colonel Logan Henry Neal Salyer, born 4 jun 1812 in Scott

     2.         Tyre T. Salyer botn 9 Jun 1838

     3.         Lydia D. S. Slayer born 17 Dec 1842 died 8 Dec 1887

     4.         Martha A Salyer born 19 Feb 1844

     5.         George W. Slayer, born 22 Aug 1846  died 23 Aug 1854

     6.         John Franklin P. Salyer, born 13 Jul 1853 died 6 Mar 1885


Samuel Salyer and his family were listed in the Russell County, Virginia census as:

1850 Russell County, Virginia Census 

1405   Salyer  Samuel       37   Scott    s/Samuel Salyer & Sarah Castle - 1834 - Scott
           Salyer Lydia           35   Scott   Culbertson,  wid/o Thomas P. Dorton, d/o Tyre    
                                                      Culbertson & Martha Vicars
           Salyer Logan M. W.   15   Scott
           Salyer Tyre              12   Scott
           Salyer Drucilla          09   Scott
           Salyer Martha           06   Scott
           Salyer George           02   Scott


John Franklin P. Salyer was born three years after this census.

Two of those children are pertinent to the stories on the web page "Wright Roots -- Bates Branches". One of their children of course  was John Franklin Pierce Slayer, also known as Frank Salyer, the man that Talton Hall was said to have shot and killed so he could take his wife. 

John Franklin Pierce Salyer was born July 13, 1853 on Copper Creek, Russell County, Virginia, the area that was later Scott County, Virginia.

The family Bible gives birth and death dates for Frank plus there is a short statement saying:

                "Franklin P. Salyer departed this life March 6, 1885, was killed in Kentucky." 

John Franklin Pierce Salyer had married first to Arminda Baker, the daughter of James Baker and Nancy Triplett Baker. He and Arminda were the parents of  one child: Ida Belle Salyer, born September 1873. Arminda died giving birth to their child. He married second to Lucinda Roberts who was born 1854. Frank died 06 Mar 1887 in Perry County, Kentucky. 

The other child of Samuel and Lydia that is relevant to our research is Helen "Ellen" Salyer that married Enos Byrd Hylton. In essence,  Talton is said to have killed Helen Salyer's brother and her  husband!  Enos Byrd Hylton was the police officer that Talton Hall shot and killed.  John Franklin Pierce Salyer was also shot and killed by Talton Hall . 



                                                                                             Tombstone of Frank Salyer


Samuel   Salyer  and  Sarah  Castle  were  married  before  1806.  Samuel Salyer  was born about: 1787, in Rutherford County, North Carolina. He died 15 November 1876, in Scott County, Virginia.

His father, Samuel, Sr., was born about 1789 on Boren's Creek of Rutherford County, North Carolina. He died 15 Nov 1876, in Scott County, Virginia.  Samuel was the son of Zachariah Salyer, born 24 Jan 1729 in Woodbridge, New Jersey.  Zachariah married Elizabeth Dunn.  

{Zachariah was the son of Charles Salyer, born 23 Dec 1667 in Woodbridge, New Jersey.  Charles married Rebecca Bloomfield. Charles was the son of William Salyer, born 1630 in France.  William married Sarah Davis.}


Samuel Salyer Sr., born 1789 married Sarah Castle, daughter of Joseph Castle, the Indian trader. They lived about two miles southeast of present-day Nickelsville, Virginia, in an area called "Salyertown".  

Samuel bought and sold a great deal of land in the Copper Creek area of Russell County.

Children of Samuel Salyer and Sarah Castle are:

1.            Delilah Salyer, born ca. 1806 in Russell County, Virginia; died August 3,

               1865 in Scott County, Virginia; married Jacob Stapleton October 20, 1824

               in Scott County, Virginia .

2.            John Salyer, born ca. 1808; died in infancy.

3.            Elizabeth Salyer, born ca. 1810, died (?); married Thomas Stapleton

               February 10, 1825 in Scott County, Virginia.

4.            Samuel Salyer, Jr., born December 1813; died January 10, 1910; married

               (1) Lydia Culbertson July 14, 1834 in Scott County, Virginia;  married (2)

               Causby Thacker.

5.            Eli S. Salyer, born 1814 in Russell County, Virginia; married Dulaney

               Jularry Nickels May 12, 1869 in Scott County, Virginia , divorced October

               10, 1871 in Scott County, Virginia, remarried October 18, 1887 in Scott

               County, Virginia, divorced again 1896 in Scott County, Virginia

6.            Nancy Salyer, born ca. 1816, died (?); married Arthur Wheatley June 12,

               1833 in Scott County, Virginia.

7.            Sarah Salyer, born ca. 1817, died (?); married John Salyer April 27, 1865

               in Scott County, Virginia

8.            Lucinda Salyer, born 1818 in Scott County, Virginia; died ca. 1893 in Scott

               County, Virginia; married Allen Nickels June 2, 1832 in Scott County,


9.            James Salyer, born ca. 1821, died (?); married (1) Melinda Castle April

               23, 1843 in Scott County, Virginia; married (2) Matilda Jaynes.

10.          Catherine Salyer, born ca. 1824; died August 20, 1859 in Hawkins

               County, TN; married Henry Miller Dean December 21, 1852 in Scott

               County, Virginia

11.          Robert Shanklin Salyer, born July 20, 1825 in Scott County, VA; died July

               13, 1881 in Pike Co, Kentucky; married (1) Anna Easterling October 4,

               1867 in Russell County, Virginia; married (2) Lydia Salyer.

12.          Rowan Salyer, born ca. 1828 in Scott County, VA; died May 1, 1862 in

               Scott County, Virginia; married Mary Evelyn Phillips March 15, 1855 in

               Russell County, Virginia.

13.          Anna Salyer, born ca. 1830; died 1914; married Henry Castle May 3, 1846

               in Scott County, Virginia.


Compiled and submitted by: Nancy Vance Glover

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