Murdered Man Cemetery

     	   Located in Jenkins, Letcher County, Kentucky


   A small family cemetery was established on a mountain top over looking the town of Jenkins in Letcher County, Kentucky when members of the Potter and Mullins family first began to bury their dead there.  In the early days this cemetery was known as the Potter Cemetery. As time passed the many tragedies of the area resulted in a number of burials of murdered men, even women and young people in this small family cemetery, resulting in the graveyard being identified as, and is today still well-known as, "Murdered Man Cemetery."

This old cemetery is located on the Mayo Trail highway near the Camden section of Jenkins and reputedly contains the graves of twenty-five  persons who were murdered in the old days of feuds along the Elkhorn Creek and the Virginia border. This cemetery became the final resting place for Ira Mullins and his family who were murdered savagely by assassins' bullets.  Originally, only Ira & Louranza Mullins had a tombstone but the Letcher County Historical Society put up markers a few years ago for several others buried there. They placed gave markers on several of the known graves, Ira Mullins, Louranza Mullins, Wilson Mullins, Greenberry Harris and John Chappel. They also put a stone near these five graves that says the following:


          Killing Rock Massacre - 5 People Killed - Jenkins Mountain - 5-14-1892 


              Ira Mullins old gravestone            Ira Mullins new gravestone


Ghouls Dynamite the Remains
correspondence of the Richmond Dispatch
Clintwood, VA., August 15 - The grave of Ira Mullins, 
the man who was murdered near Pound Gap last spring, has 
lately been desecrated in an inhuman manner. Some ghoulish wretches blew the grave
 up with dynamite or some other explosive substance, exposing the remains of the 
murdered man.
In life he has some terrible enemies and their vengeance is not yet sated. 



 The graves of those killed at Pound Gap, Virginia are found near the center of the cemetery, buried in a straight line are the graves of Moonshiner Ira Mullins, his wife Louranza (Estep) Mullins, their  son-in-law Wilson Mullins, hired hands Greenberry Harris and John Chappel. All these people were murdered, gunned down in cold blood, at the "Pound Gap Massacre" that occurred May 14, 1892.


Later on, the young Craft brothers, John Henry Craft  and  David  L.  Craft,  who  were  murdered December 9, 1899 in the Wheaton Hollow section of Jenkins, were buried in this cemetery. They were buried near where Hulda (Mullins) Craft, Ira Mullins and the others are buried. These young boys were the sons of Ira Mullins' sister, Hulda Mullins Craft and her husband William Marion Craft. 


Murdered Man Cemetery


Listing of graves 


Richard Allen Higgens, Born: September 28 1945 Died: November 9, 1946

 Pearl E. Holbrook, Born:  March 27, 1902 Died: November 4, 1974

 Minnie Carey, Born: January 13, 1905 Died: April. 11, 1955

 John L. Anderson, Born:  April 4, 1889, Died: April 26, 1974

 Mary Anderson, Born:  August 27, 1893 Died: February 6, 1944

 Andrew Brown, Born:  1903 Died: 1946

 Joseph Carl Brown, Born:  1928 d 1943 

unmarked grave 

Maude Johnson Born:  November 4, 1904 Died: February 11, 1943

 John H. Johnson, Born: 1907 d 1978

 Irvin Whitaker,  Born: October 28, 1900 Died: September 2, 1941

 Cornelia Hope Fugate Whitaker, Born:  May 9, 1928 Died: January 25, 1980


 Kenneth Paul Bates, Born:   April 8, 1938 Died: June 26, 1955

 James I. Bates, Tech 4 US Army WWII,  Born: April 24, 1909 Died: April 30 1975

 Glenn Mullins, KY Pvt. Corps of Military Police WWII, Born:  December 25, 1921 Died: Fe 3, 1945

 Willard Mullins, Born:  November 27, 1896 Died: April 28, 1946

 Mary Mullins, Born:  December 23, 1911 Died: April 28, 1946 


John D. Stacy, Born:  July 5 1890 Died: June 24, 1974 

Nannie S. Stacy, Born:  September 14, 1898  (no deat date)

 Ernest Large, Born:  April 4, 1909 Died: April 12, 1951

 Another grave in this lot has marker but inscription can not be read 

 NEXT LOT (Belongs to Gardner Howington)

 Two children's graves in corner - markers are unreadable but these are the children of GE and Barbara Powers

 Autumn Howington, Born:  Mar 8, 1896 Died: August 4, 1966 (1st w/o G. Howington)

Bertha Cooper Howington, Born:  July 15, 1886 Died: June 28, 1941 (second wife of G. Howington)

 unmarked child's grave (ch/o Troy and Evelyn Damron)


 Looks like several unmarked graves in this lot.

 James Carl Wynn, Born:  June 1, 1902 Died: September 8, 1941 age 39

 Alice Whitaker Wright, Born:  March 4, 1837 Died: April 16, 1970

(2nd wife of Joel E. Wright s/o John W. & Ellen Sanders - PLB)

 Avanell Glenn, Born:  May 9, 1923 no death date

 Richard T. Glenn, Born:  November 29 1919 Died: September 13, 1973

 Kitty Lee Glenn, Born:  August 18, 11948 Died: August 19, 1949 


 Britt Potter, Born: September 21, 1919 Mar 6, 1966

 Belle Potter, Born: March 14, 1880 February 11, 1944

 Sam Potter, Born: April 1, 1882 September 7, 1959 

Ulys Jesse, Born:  August 16, 1910 September 23, 176

 Delana E. Killen, Born: June 7 1861 February 7, 1913

(wife of Morgan Killen - PLB) 

Mart Wright, Born:  August 22, 1880 August 24, 1916

(s/o George & Mary "Pop" (Potter) Wright, Murdered - PLB)

Next gravestone very old.  Inscription might be Neld or Neal

G. W. Whitaker, Born: April l, 1880 December 17, 1960

Footstone of grave of G. W. Whitaker bears this inscription   DEK

 Joe Potter, Born:  April 14, 1895 September 12, 1965

 Lizzie Potter, Born: May 4, 1889 April 3, 1959

Delia Potter, Born: July 21, 1921 November 8, 1958

James Potter, Born: March 22, 1917 July 26, 1947

 Daniel Van Potter, Born: December 12, 1931 January 20, 1934

 Goldia Potter, Born: June 6, 1926 January l, 1929

 Juanita Johnson, December 24, 1951 November 18, 1952

 Louenna Wright, Born: November 22, 1899 June 13, 1901

 Melvin Potter, Born: March 18, 1877 September 9, 1947

 Angeline Potter, Born: July 6, 1877 February 4, 1946

 Johnnie Newsome, Born: November 26, 1921 November 23, 1922

 Victoria Potter, Born: August 10, 1908 February 15, 1910

 William Potter, Born: April 14, 1849 January 9, 1919

 Nancy Potter, Born: June , 1852 October 16, 1928

 Two or three unmarked graves next to and above the grave of Henderson Mullins.  According to several people in the area, these are supposed to be the graves of the Mullins family killed at Pound Gap. 

Patsy Mullins Born: May 7 1826 March 26, 1914 

Jane Belcher, Born: May 5, 1855 February 15, 1892

(Jane was the wife of Wilson Mullins, born 1856. son of Marshall & Rebecca Vanover. Wilson was  one of the victims of the "Pound Gap Massacre", Murdered, 14 May 1892.   Jane married 2nd to Isaac Belcher, born 01 Jan 1835,  son of John Wesley Belcher & Anna Moore. PLB)) 

Henderson Mullins, Born: May 7, 1864 October 15, 1901

(s/o John L. & Martha "Patsy" (Potter) Mullins, murdered - possibly by Henry Adams over a dog - PLB)

 Leanza Mullins, wife of Ira Mullins, Born:  1857

 Samuel J. Bentley, Born: January 5, 1923 Mar 21, 1932

 Floyd Potter, Born: January 11, 1884 December 7, 1960

 Martha Jane Potter, Born: February 3 1885 April 12, 1974

 John Davis Bentley, Born: November 6, 1896 Mar 26, 1959

 Elizabeth, Born: 1921 --  Baby of Mr. and Mrs. Henderson Bentley

 Homer, Born: 1913-1915 -- Baby of Mr. & Mrs. Henderson Bentley 

Father Reuben Husband of Lucy Mullins Born: April 29 1860 July 29, 1919

 Lucy Mullins, Born: July 1, 1853 June 13, 1930

Wife of Reuben Mullins

 Ira W. Wright, Born: October 10, 1920 December 16, 1920 

Martha Ann, Born: September 4, 1888 February 15 1898

(Died from burns when clothing caught fire - PLB, Daughter of Sherman and Belle Dora Potter)

 Mona Jean Embry, Born: January 13, 1932 September 12, 1980

 Grave with stone.  No inscription.  Very old grave.

 Grave with base of stone, stone broken and gone.

 Stone broken.  Inscription says Levi Potter.  Handmade stone. 

Grave with stone.  No inscription

 George W. Potter, Born: March 29, 1871 July 9, 1902

 Garfield Potter, Born: January 25, 1878 June 8, 1901

 Ardelia Potter, Born: August 11, __65  April 14, __95

 Robert Potter, Born: November 15, 1874 (?) November 29, 1910

 Easter, wife of Levi Potter.  Age 63 years.  Lived in the church 17 years.

 Levi Potter, Born: January 14, 1846 July 10, 1926

 grave with unmarked stone 

In the older part of the cemetery there appears to be about five unmarked graves.

 Elizabeth, died August 20, 1892, age about 51 years  Wife of Isaac Belcher (1st wife - PLB)

 Sally, April 15, 1897(?) June 20 1890, Wife of Levi Potter

 Lina Wheatley, Born: January 18,1853 Died: 1920(?) stone has been broken and only half reset

 Levi Potter, Born: June 5, 1817 February 20, 1898

 Eddie Potter, Born: January 25, 1894 January 27, 1894

 Levi Potter, Born: January 25, 1895 February 14, 1895

 Fanny Potter


(stone has been broken and dates are gone)

 Robert Mullins, Born: January 20, 1870 July 29, 1914

 unmarked grave

 John Henry Craft, Born: November 17, 1878 December 9, 1899 age 21 yrs or 22   (Murdered -PLB)

(See the Craft Brothers Story. NWB) 

David L. Craft, Born: March l, 1879  Died: 1899 19 yrs. 10 mos., 8 days old   (Murdered- PLB)

(See the Craft Brothers Story. NWB)

Henderson Craft, Born: January 1892 October 4, 1919 (stone has been repaired)

 Huldy Craft, Born: March 24, 1861 February 5, 1923

 Marion Craft, Born: February 4, 1860 August 1, 1942

 Levi Franklin Potter, Born: September 9, 1908 February 1, 1910

 Milburn Killens, Born: January 3, 1904 October 7, 1907

 Cora Killens, Born: March 28, 1903 December 31, 1904

 Judy Craft, Born: January 20, 1897 January 21, 1897

 Harmon Rose, Born: April 16, 199, May 29, 1911

 Cordelia Rose, Born: April 29, 1875 May 5, 1929 Wife of L. M. Rose

 Virgie Rose, Born: May 20, 1933 November 16, 1934

 Ruth, Born: January 10, 1937 Mar 23, 1937  Daughter of Sam and Dorothy Rose

 Alton, Born: November 22, 1934 Mar 30, 1937  Son of Sam and Dorothy Rose

 Robert Lee Rose, Born:  January 21, 1944 January 1, 1975





 Jane Mullins Belcher gravestone   John L. Mullins Gravestone    Patsy Potter Mullins Gravestone 




Murdered {25 Aug 1916                                   Joel Martin Wright s/o George & Mary Potter Wright was peace officer in Jenkins, Letcher Couthy, Kentucky. He was shot by a 16 years old Syrian, Mary Huzzan, while making a preconcerted effort to break up the illegal whiskey and beer traffic around Jenkins, died of his wounds. Specialist said his spinal cord was partially severed and that his case was absolutely hopeless. He was taken to the Good Samaritan Hospital, Lexington then that he returned home to spend his last days with his family. In his efforts to break up the whiskey traffic in Jenkins suburbs, Office Wright had gone to the girls’ father’s home to arrest the father, when the girls were said to have grappled the officer’s revolver, with which she gave him the deadly shot.  She grabbed Mart's gun and shot Mart in the back. She was 16 years old. One woman was Mary Hussan -- Mary Hazen, a Syrian.    NWB }   




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